Pre-Printed Storage Signs

We can offer these signs at a much lower price than custom made signs because they are pre-printed. That also means that in most cases you will get them faster.

Prohibited Storage Sign 8″x11″ $9.50 each

Protect your storage property and let tenants know what not to put into their storage unit. These signs may help protect you from legal problems caused by tenants who store prohibited items. This sign is pre-printed on white aluminum with red and black text.

Pre-Printed 4″x6″ Aluminum Storage Signs $3.90 each

These signs are small enough to be placed in several locations around your self storage facility. The dumpster signs save facility owners and managers a lot of work. For climate controlled storage units, the keep door closed sign saves electricity and keeps the building temperature under control. All these signs remind tenants of the rules of the storage property.