Custom Labels

We use 3M vinyl to make custom label signage. If you need a sign that says MECHANICAL ROOM or UNITS 121-135, we make them from pre-spaced, high performance vinyl. Let us know what you need.

Some of my site visitors to this page are looking for other types of vinyl and paper custom labels. Printed labels, as compared to our vinyl pre-spaced numbers and letters, have a shorter life and will fade in the sun, but they are suitable for many applications.

If you don’t need a long life for your label, there are great companies online that print paper and vinyl custom labels. Some have a minimum order of 25, but most have short run orders starting at 100 labels.

Examples of these custom labels would be parking decals, bumper stickers, static cling window stickers for auto windows, and custom cut roll labels. We don’t sell them. You can order them online from companies that specialize in printed labels.