Self Storage Door Numbers

Quik# – Door Numbers manufactures door numbers for the self storage industry.  Self storage door numbers are part of the final phase of self storage construction.  If you are building a mini storage facility, or refurbishing an existing storage facility, our door numbers will give your site a professional appearance and make it easy for your tenants to find their storage unit.

Self Storage Numbers

When you are ready to number your units, you can save time and money by using our pre-spaced vinyl numbers.  Our products are ideal for self storage construction.

When I built the first phase of our self storage facility in 1981, I was unaware of the simple method of numbering doors that I am sharing with you now.  In fact, it didn’t exist.  Back then, I had a choice.  I could either buy stick-on numbers from the hardware store that come on a sheet or I could hire a sign painter to paint the numbers on.  Believing that I could save money by doing the job myself, I bought a bunch of stick-on numbers.  It was a slow ordeal fumbling around to find each number and then trying to get them straight and evenly spaced.  When I got to the number “100”, I realized that I had a problem.  Every number above 100 has at least one number “1” in it.  I quickly ran out of “1’s” and had to buy several more packages to get the numbers that I needed.  It probably would have been cheaper and certainly would have been easier to hire a sign painter.

In 1983, I bought a computer sign maker that had just come on the market that cut pre-spaced numbers out of self adhesive vinyl.  This kind of numbering system is perfect for storage door numbers.

Quality Door Numbers!

Testing has shown that the vinyl numbers last as long, or longer, than paint. We use only 3M Scotchcal premium material, which is the same material that is used on the outside of Air Force jets. NASA uses it on the space shuttle. Auto makers use it for pin striping and graphics that withstand car washes and rough road abuse.

Why use Scotchcal?

Scotch 3M has more money to spend on research than other vinyl manufacturers. They are the world leader in adhesive products. A few years ago, I was approached by another vinyl manufacturer to try their “just as good” product. I cut numbers and used them at my own facility. Within two years, they were peeling up around the edges. They looked bad! I had to peel off all of that bad vinyl and it left an adhesive mess that had to be cleaned with a special adhesive remover. It was time-consuming and annoying. I could have bought three sets of Scotchcal numbers for the price of removing the bad vinyl. The best cost a little more, but saves a lot of headaches.

Fast and Easy To Apply!

Putting on these numbers is quick and easy. Just follow these simple guidelines:

  • Clean the area with rubbing alcohol.
  • Pull the backing off the number.
  • Stick on the number.
  • Squeegee down.
  • Pull the tape off the top of the number.

Door Number Colors!

Scotchcal numbers come in 99 colors, which you can browse through our Scotchcal Color Chart


Our pre-spaced numbers and letters are economical. Eighty percent of our orders are for 2 inch numbers. Most facilities invest less than $1.50 per unit for our door numbers.

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Pre-Spaced Self Storage Numbers

We send you exactly the numbers that you need, pre-spaced by our computer. For example, unit “421” would come to you as one piece with a “4”, a “2”, and a “1” automatically spaced together. You can also use letters to identify units, like “A21”. We make these numbers in black, white, and a variety of other colors. The most common numbers are two inches high and are a bold letter style.. They cost $ .50 per digit, so the unit number “421” would cost $1.50. These numbers are made to be applied to a finished smooth surface. For wood, concrete or metal surfaces that are not smooth, use aluminum plates as backing. (see below)

Unit Numbers on Aluminum Plates

These make number application easier for wood, concrete, and other rough surfaces. Because vinyl will not adhere to these surfaces, if your surface is not smooth, you can use an aluminum blank for the number. We apply the pre-spaced number to the blank and you simply use silicon adhesive or heavy duty construction adhesive (like Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive) to permanently secure the aluminum blank to your building. Cost varies with size.